The Light of Liberty - Act II - Demolition


Created at 27. Dec. 2018

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by DORFbrunnen

“The Light of Liberty”, "Demolition", Act II
21st - 23th September 2018, Liberty Square, Timisoara, Romania
Video mapping projection in the frame of a three days street theatre show, conceived and organised by Timisoara 2021 European Capital of Culture Association.
Ars Electronica Solutions, main partner of Timisoara 2021, invited media artist Mihaela Kavdanska and composer&musician Rupert Huber to create a project together on this occasion.
The show celebrates the Centenary of Romania and it is intended to represent the first edition of the Lights Festival in Timisoara.

Creative & Art Direction: KOTKI visuals (Mihaela Kavdanska & Dilmana Yordanova)
3D animations, Motion Graphics, VFX: Ovidiu Eftimie, Alexandru Ghitescu, Felician Lepadatu.
Original music score: Rupert Huber
Technical implementation: 360 Evolution
Video Documentation: HDV Studio

“The Light of Liberty” brings together performing arts, music and visual arts with the help of lighting installations, all developed on the architectural structure of Liberty Square. The main character is Luca, an inhabitant of Timisoara, whose life is unfolding throughout defining moments for Timisoara and for Romania of the past 100 years.
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