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Spaces Alive

von DORFbrunnen / am 31.10.2018

Spaces Alive #abstract is a site-specific performative intervention based on the interaction between media artists, dancers, sound and the gallery space. It problematizes the presupposed neutrality of the “white cube,” while commenting on both the modernist myth of abstraction and the “perfection” of a perpetually optimised technology. The idea of error is translated into the subjectivization of technology through moving bodies augmented with webcams, now turned effectively into interfaces. A video layer, processed in real time is integrated into an iconic painterly abstraction, covering the space of the gallery.


Creative direction & visuals: Mihaela Kavdanska & Dilmana Yordanova (RO/ BG/ AT) Performers: Maria Mora (RO), Mariana Gavriciuc (RO) Sound artist: Mirian Kolev (BG) Computer programmer: Cristian Iordache (RO) Choreographer: Simona Deaconescu (RO) Curator: Horea Avram (RO)

The project is part of the series “Spaces Alive. Bucharest Surreal”, produced by AVmotional Platform, conceived and presented in 2017 at different locations in the city of Bucharest.

This year, “Spaces Alive #abstract” is presented within the frame of 0FF8N0FF, a collaborative exhibition & concert series by Memphis Art Space and Tresor Linz, organised in the frame of Ars Electronica Festival'18.

“Spaces Alive #abstract” @ Memphis Artspace, Untere Donaulände12, Linz 7.09. & 9.09., 19:30– 21:30h

Concerts @ Tresor, Hauptplatz 32, Linz 8.09. / 19:30 – 21:00h

Minim | Diana Dulgheru (RO) Stefana Fratila (RO/ CAN)

0FF8N0FF, producers & locations: Memphis (AT) & Tresor (AT)

Co-producer: AVmotional Platform (RO, AT)

Funders & partners: Romanian Cultural Institute Vienna Bundeskanzleramt Österreich Kulturabteilung Land Oberösterreich Linz Kultur Förderungen KOTKI visuals


https://ars.electronica.art/error/en/spaces-alive/ vimeo.com/241872382 http://www.memphismemph.is/0ff8n0ff-concerts/?lang=en http://www.memphismemph.is/0ff8n0ff-spaces-alive-abstract/?lang=en https://www.facebook.com/events/2399493120277814 https://www.facebook.com/events/322198715008686/ https://www.facebook.com/tresorlinz/

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