Hope Masike "because of you"


Created at 16. Sep. 2016

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by DORFbrunnen

Hope Masike, mbira player, singer/songwriter and dancer, is one of Zimbabwe's top exports to emerge in this decade. Best known for her sizzling voice, exceptional mbira playing and her role in the popularisation of modern mbira music, Masike takes pride in dressing mbira in news cloaks.
Much as it has a strong and well-defined mbira base, her music is a together-blend of different music styles, with a fascinating repertoire ranging from ancient traditional mbira classics to jazz driven scats. Having fused her most fascinating scatting licks and ancient Zimbabwean vocalisations with complimenting interlocking mbira melodies, Hope's music defies genre. It is casually referred to as world music or just mbira-fusion.

Hope Masike's 'Because of you' music video was directed by Carl Joshua Ncube as part of the Zimbabwe Animated series supported by Culture Fund of Zimbabwe


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