Cia El Cruce "Punto y Coma".


Created at 22. Jul. 2016

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by DORFbrunnen

The contemporary circus company El Cruce is created from the encounter between Nicoletta Battaglia and Ruben Río.
They founded a common interest in the research and development of contemporary stage practices, using circus and physical theatre as their main ways of expression.

Cia El Cruce explores the boundaries of physical and gestual expression through a mixture of contemporary circus techniques,live music and physical theatre.
The company plays by means of image an action, developing an unique poetry filled by suggestions and symbolism, playing subtlety the tensions of fragility and the mystery of fears, desires and relationships, sticking out a personal interpretation of the serious comedy of absurd.

Why “El Cruce”?

(The Spanish word “Cruce” has different interpretations “cross, junction, intersection, interchange natural mixture”)

It is in the Cruce where there are new possibilities, it is a place to reflect about the walked path, a place where the doubt appears, a place of curiosity, a new point for choosing the future.
El Cruce because we believe diversity means richness, in cultures, in thought, in arts and expression.
It is a point where the opposites meet, a place for balance.
Cruce generates a new kind that takes the best of both parts, it is cooperation, surprise, evolution
El Cruce is a point that offers new directions, it presents a pause to feel and think back, it is the end of a road and the beginning of a new one.!the-company/n4mk0


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