Created at 28. Jul. 2016

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by DORFbrunnen


So, one day Mantega's on his way back from work when he bumps into one or two buddies, and has one or two drinks… and then maybe another one or two drinks…

When he gets home he discovers that perhaps his wife is not so enthusiastic about his extracurricular activities… one could even say that she’s upset enough to throw a frying pan at him…

In the process of escaping his home sweet home, his beloved, and ducking from a frying pan, he finds this table with a bottle of whisky on it… and that’s where everything starts.

The impossible hoop looks like magic but it´s only physics… join Mantega in a world where the impossible is made possible.

Amazing, hilarious and with a high level of technical skill, Bazof is a unique performance unlike anything you´ve ever seen before.

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