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IM GEHÄUSE ("IN THE BODY HOUSING") is a S8-Film by Wolfgang Georgsdorf from 1981, shown in avantgarde- and experimental film festivals since the 80s.The first version had a length of 24 minutes. The reediting led into a version of 8 minutes. It was shot in then Georgsdorf's studio in the Atelierhaus Linz with a Beaulieu 5008 S (set assistant was Georg Ritter).
In 2009 the film has been taken into the Anthology "Die Kunst des Einzelbilds (Animation in Austria 1832 until Today)" published by the Film Archiv Austria and ASIFA (Christian Dewald/ Sabine Groschup/ Mara Mattuschka/ Thomas Renolnder 2010, 400 pages, with a subsequent DVD-Edition).
IM GEHAUSE is dubbed with a revox composition of sounds made exclusively with the objects appearing in the film.
Shooting the main scene was about 5 minutes work for a single frame. The film ends with a long steady shot of a meticulous drawing of the screened scene by W. Georgsdorf.



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