ALPHA TRIANGULI - 180 Seconds to a New World

Created at 17. Sep. 2021

1516 Ansichten
by DORFbrunnen

"180 Seconds to a New World" is the debut of the Viennese Band ALPHA TRIANGULI, shich was founded in 2021. It is a musical hommage to our neighboring planet Mars.


ALPHA TRIANGULI creates music tat is strongly inspired by the wideness and and magic of the cosmic universe. 


Alois Eberl: Trombone

Florian Klinger: Vibraphone

Phillip Kienberger: Double Bass

Jakob Kammerer: Drums


"180 Seconds to a New World" composed by Alois Eberl

Produced on July 4th, 2021.


Recorded by Alex Yannilos

Mixed by Alois Eberl

Video by Thomas Radlwimmer

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