Sinfonia de Carnaval - Performing at Stift St.Florian

Created at 19. Aug. 2021

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by DORFbrunnen

3 may 2021 - In this virtual concert, Anna Lang and Alois Eberl, alias Sinfonia de Carnaval, perform their music in the reverent monastery of St.Florian in Austria.

In this program titled "Sweeping Dragon", the virtuosic and distinguished duo whisks you away to a world of storytelling. Stunning sound stories lead the audience into fantasy worlds or reflect real musical reports. Experiences, only dreamt or fantasy, are captured in tones with stupendous instrumental technique and inexhaustible creativity. The musical portraits, tales and euphonic snapshots find their musical expression in relentless grooves, brutal dramatic scenes, broad fields of improvisation and spontaneity.


All music was written by Sinfonia de Carnaval

Cello: Anna Lang

Trombone & Accordion: Alois Eberl

Audio Recording: Alexander Yannilos (Freifeld)

Camera: Kevin Rieseneder

1st AC: Manuel Prammer

Gaffer: Werner Ramschak

Produced by Crisp&Juicy

Mixed by Alois Eberl

Filmed and recorded at Stift Sankt Florian


Sinfonia de Carnaval

Anna Lang:

Alois Eberl:




Thanks to the monastery of St.Florian:

Thanks to the Forum Austriaco di Cultura a Milano for the great support:


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