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Phoebe Violet - Cenizas / one take @ home

Si nuestro cuento pudiese cambiar,

cambiaría nuestro final.

Te partí el corazón,

inesperado, irracional.

Yo tan joven, tu ego herido, de ti solo amargura al ver lo sucedido.

Te canto el final

donde el tú y yo emocional ya racional

se despide.


Directed by Phoebe Violet VIDEO


Singer and violinist: Phoebe Violet (CR/UK)

Violinist: Agata Sikorska (PL)

Cellist: Zsófia Günther-Mészàros (HN)

Camara: Ivaylo Iordanov (BG)

Drone footage: Droninit (BG)


Music & lyrics / vocals / violin / recording / mix & master / concept / video editing by Phoebe Violet

One take @ home





No, don't say no.

What can I do without a heart?

Your eyes were the last sunset

that my soul saw.

What about the thousand words that I yearned for?

Where is your shame? I will not cry.

Another world no longer exists,

Yes I know, I will not cry.

Ashes to be lost at sea.

Ashes to be lost at sea.

What theory can I give you?

Maybe I will forget you today.

But should memories return tomorrow,

memories of an old love,

I will suffer you.

Easy it is to blame you, I won't lie.

I ask you mercifully, do not hurt again.

This world still goes round

and round an ending is not the end

Ashes to be lost at sea.

Ashes to be lost at sea.

If you want look into the future.

The person you are can no longer feel.

If the love that two create, can allow you to live again

Ashes to be lost at sea.

Ashes to be lost at sea.

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