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Lylit - Call Me Bad

von DORFbrunnen / am 01.10.2019

This is live. This is one take. This is all in. No overdubs, no corrections, just one moment and one hell of a crew.

This is a song about self- determination. About trusting your own gut and the courage to do what feels right.

"Call Me Bad" is LYLIT's first Single of her upcoming album "Inward Outward"

Written by Eva Klampfer & Andreas Lettner Lead Vocals and Vocal Arrangement by Eva Klampfer/LYLIT

Drums & MD: Andreas Lettner Synth: Sixtus Preiss Piano: Benny Omerzell

Vocals: Anja Obermayer Fin Maria Klampfer Ina Regen Ursula Anna Baumgartner Lucia Leena Phoebe Violet Ricarda Oberneder

Recorded by Lutz Derschmidt Mixed by Sixtus Preiss Mastered by Martin Scheer

Director: Nikolai Selikovsky DOP: Hans Selikovsky Camera Assistant: Alex Zittner H&M: Ines Marie Polak Grip: Gernot Danninger Grip Assistant: Mischa Mikysek

Special Thanks: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien Maria Klampfer Matthias Klampfer Rosa Heubach- Sigl Jascha Würkner Markus Selikovsky

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