WP S(E)OULMATES @ Haroo Space Bus Seoul 2018


Created at 25. Feb. 2019

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by Werner Puntigam _ pntgm EAR X EYE

'WP S(E)OULMATES' feat. WERNER PUNTIGAM (A) trombone & conch shell, ITTA (KR) vocals & harmonium, RUI INABA (NZ) bass, SUNG SANG SIK (KR) percussions, HAN JOO LEE (KR) cello bow, PASSING JOSH (KR) jaw harp, live at Haroo Space Bus in Seoul (KR) on April 6, 2018.

contact/booking: www.ear-x-eye.info

(video recordings & edit by Werner Puntigam / pntgm EAR X EYE)

supported by Kulturland OÖ and Linz Kultur

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