BLUEBIRD @ Alice Gallery Seoul (KR) 2016


Created at 10. Apr. 2017

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by Werner Puntigam _ pntgm EAR X EYE

documentary of the Korean interdisciplinary performance project BLUEBIRD live at the opening of the nude drawing exhibition of Kim Mook Won at Alice Gallery in Seoul (KR) on August 31, 2016. line-up:

KIM MOOK WON (KR) live painting
SEOL HO JONG (KR) percussions
WERNER PUNTIGAM (A) trombone & conch shell
YOO SUN HOO (KR) dance
LEE JUNG MIN (KR) nude model
KIM SANG DEOK (KR) live photo projections

video recordings & edit by Werner Puntigam / pntgm EAR X EYE

supported by Kulturland Oberösterreich & Linz Kultur

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