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1989 - Gen Ken Montgomery at Generator, NYC

von fadi / am 22.02.2019

Performance / Lecture by Ken Gen Montgomery at Generator Sound Art Gallery New York September 20th, 1989.

Video by Wolfgang Dorninger

"I visited the Generator September 19th, 1989 when I was on tour with Monochrome Bleu in the USA. Ken did a kind of lecture performance for me and my video camera. Although the gallery was small, Generator hosted performances of countless sound artists with different orientations in sound, style and media. The gallery hosted also a shop to sell records and publications matching the goals of the Sound Art Space. The tape label Generations Unlimited was also a core output of the Generator." (Wolfgang Dorninger)

Cassette Culture Node.Linz: http://www.base.at/ccnl/ More Information: http://www.base.at/ccnl/tapes/generator/

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