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MYNTH is an electronic duo based in Vienna, made up of twins Mario and Giovanna Fartacek. The siblings have shared their lives since before they were born, and it is near impossible to put into words the special connection they have with each other. They have decided to take this connection even further by combining both of their passions for music. The result is MYNTH.

Their music can be described as a mixture of trip-hop beats and skew analog synth-sounds, with vocals that are both fragile and emotionally-charged at the same time.

The first EP "Polar Night", which was written and produced in the depth of Norwegian winters, was released on SEAYOU RECORDS along with their debut album Plaat ||. The duo immediately drew attention on the Austrian music scene, where they emerged as one of the best newcomers of 2015. Their main focus now is to develop beyond the German-speaking areas and submerge into the international music scene.

Directed by Rupert Höller & Bernhard Wenger
Director of Photography: Andreas Alvarez
Editor - Rupert Höller
Producer - Bernhard Wenger

Starring: Felix Kreutzer

Assistant Director - Larissa Sawka
Assistant Camera - Sarah Mangelberger
Costumer - Katharina Proksch
Production Design - Constanze Steininger
Make-Up Artist - Regina Breitfellner
Additional Make-Up - Elena Bichler
Still Photography - Eli Brucker
Color Grading - Mike Hochpöchler - color grading 61

Co-Starring: Paul Graf, Daniel Klein, Andrei Tacu, Lisa Nemec, Sonja Lerch, Thomas Otrok, Max Kolodej, Henrietta Rauth, Johannes Sautner, Andrea Tiziani, Deniz Baser, Nelida Martinez, Elena Bichler, Kurt Drdla, Benedikt Paulun, Nero.

Actors Deleted Scenes - Emre Cakir, Edis König.

Words and Music by Mynth.
Mynth are Mario und Giovanna Fartacek.
Mix by Alexander Wieser.

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Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Cash for Culture Basis Kultur Wien

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