GLOFEX - Global/Africa Philantrophy Research Conference. Ein Gespräch mit Initiator Eddy Bruno Esien.


Created at 31. Mar. 2016

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An interview with Eddy Bruno Esien, founder and project leader of Hilfsverein Baileke (HIBA) Foundation and GLOFEX. Esien is talking about the conceptualisation, Aims, Objectives, and design of GLOFEX – Global/Africa Philanthropy Research Conference, Global – Africa Philanthropy Research Magazine (The first Edition), Global/Africa Culinary Festival and Global/Africa Solidarity Gala for Sustainable Development in the (African) Society. The Sociologist, Welfare State, and (Social) Policy Researcher will analyse the structure, framework and implementation of GLOFEX upcoming Global/Africa Philanthropy Research Conference, Events and diverse value added workshops/trainings taking place on the 09/04/2016 in Ursulinensaal, Linz/Austria. (1 Day, 3 Events, 15+ Best practice, 10+ Projects & 1 Global/Africa Continent) Moderator: Alexandra Katzian GLOFEX - Initiator/Project Leadership: Eddy Bruno Esien GLOFEX - Team Linz: Ngwane Loveline, LL.B Homepage: Email: Facebook: GLOFEX - Events Page: GLOFEX – Global/Africa Philanthropy Research Conference:… GLOFEX – Global/Africa Culinary Festival: GLOFEX – Global/Africa Solidarity Gala: Live gesendet am 30. März 2016


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