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AFROPEA NOW! Symposium with Abdallah Salisou (AT)

von Oona / am 28.10.2014

TAG 2 - Samstag 27.09.2014

an Bord der MS Schönbrunn

moderiert von Margit Niederhuber (AT)

14:00 Abdallah Salisou (AT):
The Black Victim Complex and the White Savior Complex

5:00 Belinda Kazeem (AT):
Naming what was once Unnameable

16:15 Hannah Pool (UK):
My Fathers’ Daughter : A story of family, feminism and belonging

17:15 Serge Attukwei Clottey (Ghana):
Europe in the Eyes of Africa

Afropea Now! was taking place from 25. - 27.09.2014 in Linz, Austria at the cultural organisation Stadtwerkstatt in Linz, Austria.

At the core of the festival was a two-day symposium accompanied by film screenigs, concerts, a workshop and an exhibition. Topical focus of Afropea Now! was the African Diaspora in Europe, global structures in the context of Africa and Europe with regard to contemporary art, culture and science were debated, followed by a showcase of current trends in the fileds of film, music and contemporary art. Local and international artists, experts and activists discussed aspects of African-European identities and cultural productions from various points of view.


Festival Programme:

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