Kinetical x Mink - Spiritual Soldiers ft. Wara Flow

Created at 15. Apr. 2015

6567 Ansichten
by DORFbrunnen

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produced by Mink
vocals/lyrics by Kinetical
camera by Mink
cut/edit by Mink & Kinetical

all the footage in this video was shot by MINK during his work for the organization SABALI in Mali/Westafrica

SABALI is a non-profit organization
with the goal of improving the living conditions in impoverished regions of Mali/Westafrica

unfortunately, many families in the region are affected by poverty and do not have sufficient access to clean drinking water or medical services. many children are forced to spend their days on the streets because their families lack the necessary money for education. this includes the construction and maintenance of wells and water pumps, the excavation of waterholes to make farming possible, the funding of school fees and school materials for children living in poverty, the support of street children as well as the funding of urgently needed medicines.

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