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madhou5e - Loopy Sonic

von madhou5e / am 02.12.2014

▲ madhou5e

▲ Loopy Sonic

Loopy Sonic is sick bastard who wants to make the people dance!
Loopy Sonic was founded in December 2010 by Maximilian Leeb. And his project startet as good as he hoped… Loopy Sonic has established to one of the leading electro artists in the western lower Austria and is going to conquer the whole world with his dirty Electro Beats. Loopy Sonic plays at regular intervals in Linz and the surrounding cities.
In September 2011 he and his mates Wreckdown VS Raw and IlleGore founded the Linzer Collective “Rag Bag Rockerz” who organizes many electro parties at different locations in Linz to grant the audience eargasms.
Loopy Sonic mixes deep and soulful tracks with heavy disco trash and weird, trippy beats… There is no specific genre that Loopy Sonic plays; the only thing that matters is energy; pure Energy and a lot of fun.
If you listen to a Loopy Sonic Gig you will be able to hear music from Mario, Zelda and many other 8bit sounds to Swan Lake or Edvard Grieg.

▲ Lokation:
Studio Schirmmacher

▲ Broadcast:

Jeden Freitag abend legen bei madhou5e MusikerInnen, Dj/anes und Artists aller Arten und Genres ihr Bestes auf und machen das Wohnzimmer zum Tanzfloor.
madhou5e ist die Plattform für gute Musik, egal ob Elektro, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Rave, House, oder Ragga, Hauptsache es rockt! Top-Dj's und Newcomer geben sich die Plattenteller in die Hand, und geben einen Einblick in ihre Technik. Die Gäste spielen hervorragende Musik, sind geskillte, erfahrene Performer, und bekannt in der lokalen Szene.
Verpasse also nicht laut aufzudrehen, damit auch deine Nachbarn was davon haben.

Contact & Links:
Homepage: http://www.madhou5e.tv
Lifestream: http://www.madhou5e.tv/live
Videos: http://www.youtube.com/MadhouseMusik
Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/madhou5e
Twitter: https://twitter.com/madhou5e_music
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/madhou5e
Mail: madhou5e@madhou5e.tv

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