Am 13. Oct. 2022 | 17:00 Uhr
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YOUKI Wettbewerbsprogramm 7

Created at 13. Oct. 2022

by anna-fr

einmalige Ausstrahlung 13.10.2022 17:00

Yellow Line
by Katayoun Parmar
Iran 2022, 13:11 min., OVs

Better than home
by Marie Pauline Bagh
Germany 2021, 02:36 min., OVs

This is the End of Us
by Valentin Vojka
Austria 2022, 19:12 min., OVs

Show must go on
by Hyun-seo Lee, Su-a Ko, A-ra Cho, Do-hee Kim
Republic of Korea 2022, 05:59 min., n/d

Doll+: Body Transmigration in its Ideal Fantasy
by Ran Zhou
Canada 2022, 13:22 min., OVs

by Charlie Monaghan
United States of America 2022, 04:44 min., OV

Wild Pansies
by Elena Focşa
France 2021, 14:53 min., OVs

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