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Eine Veranstaltung der Grand Garage. TECH-BRUNCH #10: IMPERCEPTIBLE TEXTILE INTERFACES In the last fifteen years, we have witnessed a dramatic transformation of our society through the miniaturization of computing technologies. This introduced a new age in which people can access the power of computing devices on-demand, just by reaching into their pockets. While such electronics can be helpful in numerous situations, these technologies alone have limited reach and impact. With “Imperceptible Textile Interfaces”, our vision is to embed intelligence into the ubiquitous medium of textiles, thereby ushering in a new era in which everyday objects and even the very clothes we wear can play an unobtrusive yet always-accessible and powerful role in enhancing our experience of all aspects of our lives ranging from transportation and communication to work and play. In this talk, we will present a novel sensing approach enabling a new kind of yarn-based, resistive pressure sensing. Additionally, we will present different design recommendations for textile interfaces and present several prototypes that demonstrate them in practice. SPEAKER: Sara Mlakar Roland Aigner Michael Haller (Media Interaction Lab, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Hagenberg) # ABOUT TECH-BRUNCH: TECH-BRUNCH ist ein Format, das stark auf neue Technologien fokussiert ist und damit das Bedürfnis unserer Community nach technologischen Deep-Dives stillt. Zweimal monatlich bekommen alle Interessierten in kompakten zwei Stunden von Experten Grundlagen, aktuelle Forschungsgebiete, Zukunftstrends und vor allem industrierelevante Anwendungsbeispiele vermittelt. Das Themenspektrum ist breit: 3D-Druck, IoT, Additive Manufacturing, VR/AR und noch vieles mehr; und wir greifen Impulse aus unserer Community für Technology Deep-Dives sehr gerne auf. Anschließend bleibt in gemütlicher Atmosphäre Zeit sich auszutauschen.

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