Paul Schuberth & Christopher Haritzer - Wånn i die Sternlan sig

Created at 2. Apr. 2019

4069 Ansichten
by DORFbrunnen

a tune by Veit Obersteiner

Paul Schuberth ( accordion )
Christopher Haritzer ( clarinet )
video & sound by Lukas Jakob Löcker

Since their first acquaintance in 2014 the two young musicians Christopher Haritzer and Paul Schuberth have been playing in various projects and constellations together. Their mutual work involves - to name nearly everything - big band productions, numerous jazz projects and performances in the field of dance theatre. Now they embrace the opportunity to perform as a duet: countless complementary sound possibilities of the clarinet and the accordion come into blossom. In their original compositions, the musicians are at times inspired by jazz, then again by avant-garde and international folk music.

Wånn i die Sternlan sig denk i an di,
geht still da Monat her denkst du auf mi?
|: Und kimmb die Sunna groaß üba die Bam,
bin i lei gånz allan mi meine Tram :|

Wånn du lei amål tast vürgehn bei mir,
i tat di hålsn und schean toan mit dir.
|: Los wia mei Herzle riaft, schen blüaht da Mai,
lafn die Jahrlan und ålls is vorbei. :|

Wånn i die Sternlan sig bist du mei mir,
geht still da Monat her bleibst du bei mir.
|: Und kimmb die Sunna groaß üba die Bam,
håls i di eine in åll meine Tram. :|

( text & melody by Veit Obersteiner )

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