JungleBells! 2012 - Time Laps - Frisk - Doctah Jahngle - Miss Katinka - Unics - Skunkstar


Created at 8. Dec. 2012

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by madhou5e

Recorded 30.11.2012 @ Stadtwerkstatt / Linz


FRISK (Knowledge & Wisdom / Necessary Bass Rec)
DOCTAH JAHNGLE (Junglist.lt / lrt opus) LIT
MISS KATINKA (Groove Bagasch) VIE
UNICS (Vollkontakt) VIE
YOKO (SubAlot)
SKUNKSTAR (Molotov.Crew)
RACKTACKTEK (WatschenBeats)
KINETICAL MC (nobassnofun rec)

Danke An:
Stadtwerkstatt, Yoko, Molotov crew, sabAlot, Racktacktek

More infos:

Racktacktek - People Are Dead
(In Da Jungle Recordings - out 04.01.2013)


racktacktek is an Austrian DJ/Producer. He starts DjÌng in 2005. In 2009 he starts to produce his own tracks and 2011 he got his first release with an austrian hip-hop/dnb remix! from this time he get many gigs in austria and the countrys arround and become more fame. Since 3 years he mainly plays dubwise/raggajungle and dub!

Frisk http://soundcloud.com/frisk
Doctah Jahngle http://soundcloud.com/junglislt
Miss Katinka http://soundcloud.com/miss-katinka
Unics http://soundcloud.com/unics
Skunkstar http://soundcloud.com/skunkstar-1
Racktacktek http://soundcloud.com/racktacktek
Yoko http://soundcloud.com/yoko-subalot
Kinatical MC http://soundcloud.com/kinetical
Stadtwerkstatt http://www.stwst.at
madhou5e http://www.madhou5e.tv

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