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Sound Campus presents Bibi Finster


Created at 29. Dec. 2022

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by elena.richtsfeld

This year’s program Scaping Sound is dedicated to spatial sound, sound creation, communication and acting in space. For three days, Sound Campus will create a field of action in the courtyard at Hauptplatz 6 for experimental music, installative space-sound concerts, performances, soundscape and DJ sessions, as well as open encounters in workshops, discussions and presentations as part of Ars Electronica.

Students and researchers from the University of Art and Design Linz and from the master’s program in Design and Computation (Berlin University of the Arts,  Technische Universität Berlin) will explore the sound space on location and design or adapt artistic sound projects for it. Graduates and guests will complement the program.


Curators, organization: Stefan Tiefengraber, Wolfgang Dorninger
Technical support: Reinhard Reisenzahn
Graphics: Stefan Tiefengraber



Eine DORFTV Produktion

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