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1zu1 - Demystifying The Most Mysterious Song On The Internet a.k.a. Wie Der Wind

von st.ananas / am 03.05.2021

!! DEMYSTIFYING !! THE “MOST MYSTERIOUS SONG ON THE INTERNET“: The song “Like The Wind“ was written in German („Wie der Wind“) and English in Vienna in 1983 by Ronnie Rocket and Christian Brandl. Their band then was called “Underground Corpses“ and hardly any recorded audio survived those days. The original recording "Like The Wind" had Ronnie Rocket playing the drums and Christian Brandl playing the guitar and the bass. He also did the vocals. It was later intended to alter the keyboards and even add a horn section. But this never happened. Christian Brandl died in 1987. The rest is history…. until now! The alive and kicking Austrian Band „1zu1“ who is good friends with Ronnie Rocket is proud to present the original previously unreleased German lyrics version in their own style:

WIE DER WIND (C)1983 (Ronnie Rocket & Christian Brandl)




c) 2021 video/mix/all instruments&vocals 3U2i-productions/1zu1/Linz

mastering/label ATS-Records

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