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Hallingelille #3 - safe space

von andrea / am 19.03.2018

Eine Wahl-Linzerin zu Gast im Eco-Village in Hallingelille in Dänemark. Kalt wars, aber so schön!

Hallingelille is one of the newer eco-communities in Denmark. We are situated in central Zealand, 10 km from Ringsted on the way to Roskilde. In October 2005 our community house was finished and since then, 20 houses have sprung up and a load of adults, children and animals have moved in. We have settled in well in Hallingelille, yet still we are moving onwards and upwards. We are developing ourselves and our village in numerous sustainable directions – withing building, waste, food and vegetable production as well as within the social dimension, which is central to us.

Our commonality in Hallingelille is that we wish to live a sustainable, ecological and organic life. Our bases and concepts are varied, but we thrive in a community where we are open and we endeavour to accept each others' different ways of thinking and being – including a broad approach to spirituality without having any particular collective spiritual direction.


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