Kendo Linz at the Sayonara Party in Bedollo during the BU TOKU MU KYO seminar


Created at 28. Aug. 2016

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by gabi

There was a song contest at the Sayonara party on friday evening. The Japanese sensei were the jury.
4 groups performed: Kendo Leipzig, Jofukan Firenze, Kendo Linz, Shumpukan Milano. Kendo Linz did a Johnny Cash song, with special Kendo lyrics for the last verse, written by Manuela .. The sensei also performed a traditional Japanese dance and taught everyone how to join in .. Very nice idea for socializing during a beautiful Kendo seminar.

ps: Kendo Linz won the song contest :-)

Enrico Caruso: Cornelius
Men: Jinwei
Shinai: Christian
Choreography: Manuela
Arrangement & guitar: Gabi
Video: David

27th August 2016



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