The Incredible Tangerine


Created at 28. Jun. 2014

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by DORFbrunnen

Von Stephan Müller
Student animation project for Digital Media (Animation & Postproduction) @ FH Hagenberg.
Specified topic:
A so-called "incredible machine" which follows the principle of a causal chain, or: one action leads to an other.
Timmy, who just started working at Murcott's Supermarket, has the great honor of locking up the market at closing-time. To play it safe, his boss Mr. Edwards gives him a ring to check if Timmy did his job properly. Well, at least he didnt't forget to recharge the forklift..
Bernadette Fellner, Remo Rauscher, Stephan Müller, Christoph Struber, Andreas Atteneder, Sven Skoczylas, Alexandra Fried, Sabine Pils, Johannes Eichberger, Rafael Mayrhofer, Dominik Gottherr, Katja Flachberger, Valentin Ortner, Florian Juri, Christoph Einfalt.
Direction & Sound:
Stephan Müller, Remo Rauscher
Special Thanks to:
Jürgen Hagler, Hannes Gerl (Coaching / Support)
Brian Dorsey, Jeremiah Diephuis (Voices)
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