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Markus KAISER-MUHLECKER : Austria 2007 : 90m
Infectiously entertaining documentary chronicles Linz folk-punk duo Attwenger and manages tricky feat of maintaining our interest over the course of full feature length. The pair have been very well known in their native Austria for the best part of two decades, but their appeal isn’t as parochial as their dialect-heavy lyrics might suggest: John Peel was a fan, and the pair recorded a session for the legendary DJ’s Radio One show. Even those left cold by the band’s music will warm to their contrasting personalities: drummer/singer Markus (a wiry, rangy sort who bears more than a passing resemblance to Sugarcubes frontman Einar Orn) and accordionist – and occasional vocalist – Hans-Petter, the latter a slightly chubbier ringer for Manic Street Preachers’ James Dean Bradfield. While Markus supplies lashings of pungent agit-prop, the wonderfully laid-back Hans-Petter repeatedly steals the show with his deadpan asides and world-weary attitude. Director Kaiser-Muhlecker doesn’t break much new stylistic ground, snappily editing together archive footage, videos and new material showing the lads at home, at play, on the road and chewing the cud. But the content of Attwenger Adventure ensures the film is never less than diverting and engaging. And in a ‘globalising’ world where such vibrant examples of unapologetically ‘local’ culture are becoming increasingly valued, it’s also pleasingly topical too. “Am besten mit dem Hausvastond des eine in a Haus, die Diadln und die Fenstan zua, dann konna nimma aus,” as they say sing in Upper Austria…
seen 24th April at Moviemento cinema


Markus Binder, Hans-Peter Falkner, Alexander Jöchtl, Erich und Pauline Falkner, Agnes und Ella Fritz Falkner, Caroline Binder, Janna Meta und Juri Binder, Harald Renner, Didi Kastner, Roland Promberger, Eva Mair-Hausmann, Armin Köhli, Luca Magnaguagno, Achim Bergmann, Christoph Moser, Patrick Pulsinger, Wolfgang Schlögl, Fred Frith, Roland Girtler, Wolfgang Wasserbauer, Huckey Renner, Philipp Kroll, Klaus Laimer, Hans Platzgumer, Jochen Distelmeyer, Jörg Sundermeier, Josef Hader, Dirk Stermann, Christoph Grissemann, Hans Söllner, Roderich Fabian, Polier Toni, Hias Schaschko, Gerald von Foris, Wilfried Petzi, Rudi Dolezal u.v.a.

Kamera Roman Weinzettl, Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker, Markus Binder, Peter Mitterhauser
Live-Kamera Sophie Huber, Martin Komarek, Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker, Jakob Kubizek, Wolfgang Maier, Peter Sihorsch, Robert Hack, Roman Weinzettl, Martin Schröder, Martin Sochor

Ton Martin Schröder, Ing. David Lipp, Christoph Hensel

Schnitt Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker

Dramaturgische Beratung: Karina Ressler, Christine Dollhofer, Agnes & Hans-Peter Falkner, Markus Binder

Grafikdesign Nora Groth

Übersetzung Patrick Mayr

Fotografie Gerald von Foris, Philippe Gerlach

Musik Attwenger, Fred Frith, I-Wolf, 3 Falkner, Huckey Renner

Live-Mix Alexander “ismirschlecht” Jöchtl, Klausi Schmid, Ollmann
Live-Recording & Mastering Reinhard “Bux im schen Toi” Brunner, ATS Records

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