Ground - S.K.Invitational


Created at 19. May. 2011

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by gabi

S.K.Invitational feat.TY: Ground. Video by, music by SK Invis production team raw glazed, Stephan Kondert composing, Andreas Lettner producing, Wolfgang Schiefermair head of sound&recording, lyrics and voice melody by TY .... thx to everyone envolved for this great video shoot, : Wolfgang Schiefermair trumpet, Fabian Rucker saxes, Hermann Mayr trombone, Philipp Nykrin keys, Thaiman bassdrum, Silke Grabinger dancing, TY, Big Ted, Stephan Kondert, Isabella Schrammel, Huckey, Laima from Texta, the whole filmcrew organised from Christian Dietl and Lucy.Regie: Christian Dietl | Luzi KatamayKamera: Christian DietlProduktion: LASGAFAS FILMPRODUKTION



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