AMRO22 Saturday Evening Lectures


Created at 17. Jun. 2022

by Ceitheart

Looking back at the proctoring eye

This project critiques a worrying turn in education during the pandemic, the increased use of intrusive surveillance technologies on students.

Technologies developed in defence industry, used to police and discipline, now also in the educational space to facilitate remote learning. We examine a case of student resistance to video proctoring during remote examinations and the university/faculty response to address only technical "bugs" while disregarding the extended pedagogical and socio-political issues these tools bring into learning environments.

We initiated a process of raising concern about the use of video proctoring at faculty and university levels. This included arranging for students to give their opinions in personal interviews, focus groups and on etherpads.

We held an online conference where we discussed video proctoring and where the audience was encouraged to pose questions and articulate critique. This resulted in a letter signed by a number of students, addressing their faculty and the university's Executive Board, making their case against the use of proctoring software.


3TS-Debugging together with the third technoscape

petites singularités propose the concept of Third-TechnoScape to designate places of technological production abandoned by the industry and institutions to civil society. Such spaces, neglected by the mainstream, show more natural resources in terms of bio- and noo-diversity than architectured spaces colonized by pre-emptive thought—essentialist and hylemorphic.

We will expose experiences and use cases where different conditions always led to unexpected results.

3TS constitutes and is constituted of Singular Technologies, like a stitching it binds different situations ; each unveils the modes of existence within specific peer practices removed from the market ; each reclaiming their condition of existence, often messy, sometimes hitting limits and acknowledging failures, yet always alive. Debugging from these experiences we invite you to engage in a conversation around 3TS and Singular Technologies, drawing together the perspective for the up-coming : the journey is critical.


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